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The Society of Sweden and Lithuania is active in Lithuanian culture development processes and has not only accumulated great experience but has also acquired a wide and efficient partner net. Participating in the activity of various international organizations and carrying out projects the SOSL members have gained valuable experience and will help you to find necessary partners for business, culture and technology development.

One of our activities are representing your business in all Lithuania with help of our partners.


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Klaipeda Municipality

Today Klaipeda is the center of industry, business, education and science, culture and sports, health, recreation and tourism, as well as an administrative center. Historically Klaipeda has been one of the most successfully developing municipalities in Western Lithuania.

The main business sectors

Ship building and repair occupies a stable place in the market.

Transport and logistics – a good geographical position and infrastructure> Klaipeda is transport hub connecting sea land and rail roads from East to West.

PET/Plastics – Klaipeda plastic plant is supplied with the newest technologies and equipment and is one of the first enterprises in Eastern Europe which started producing multi-layer PET packing.

Tourism – Klaipeda environ was mainly formed by nature, (charming summer summer resorts, majestic dunes, white sand beaches, high quality accommodation sector, modern SPA centers, countryside tourism network, and a wide choice of entertainment.

Klaipeda University

Klaipeda University was founded in 1991. It is the only university in Lithuania offering marine specializations, therefore, the academic activity and scientific research of the university is concentrated on marine activities.

Klaipeda Port

This the Northernest ice-free eastern Baltic Sea Port. It is the most important and biggest transport node of the Republic of Lithuania, where sea, land and rail routes from East and West cross. The capacity of the port is up to 40 million tones per year.

Klaipeda Free Economic Zone Management Company

Klaipeda Free Economic Zone Management Company was founded to attract business investments to the Klaipeda region and to offer a ready made investment infrastructure and tax concessions. Klaipeda Free Economic Zone Management Company attracting high technology companies to the region and enhancing science and business communication.

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